Saturday, March 31, 2012

Barbados Blog # 3

Almost home, only two more shows to go, and how the time has flown except for a few deadbeat nights at the piano bar.  But whatever happens there, I'm still in Barbados, a truly wonderful place.  Today, thanks to Barbados, I had no less than four amazing experiences.  Standing in George Washington's bedroom at Washington House, where the Father of Our Nation stayed as a 19-year old.  Then, swimming with giant green sea turtles, so close as to touch.  Then, snorkeling and diving over a sunken ship!  Sunk in 1919, the WWI French tug Berwyn was scuttled by it's own crew and now lies in just 20 feet of water.  Finally, and though you won't believe me, I swear it's true... I found treasure at the bottom of the ocean.  Yes, Barbados treasure, just sitting there on the sea floor!

Or floating, just above it.  A ten dollar bill, Barbados, drowned, about 18 feet down.  It was fresh and must have been dropped by a snorkeler earlier in the day.  Could I get it?  That's a long way down, and I'm not good at diving.  But it was one of those moments, you just have to do it.  So, big breath, kick it down, down, down, oh boy...  I pretty much ran out of air by time I grabbed the currency.  I flailed myself back to the surface and hyperventilated for the next minute, clutching that $10 bill!  Count me among those who have retrieved treasure from the ocean's floor!  A dream come true!

Barbados has so many charms like this.  The fruit!  I thought I didn't really like fruit, until I tasted the local produce.  The best pineapple I've ever tasted, and awesome mangos and papayas.  The bananas are fresh and sweet, picked locally.  I gorge on tangerines every other day.

The breeze here is constant, the rains frequent, the tree frogs always sing at night.  I've gotten buzzed by a few bats, but no monkeys have come my way.

Only two more shows to go.  Anything could happen, but I hope the room fills up with listeners and party-ers.  Makin' music, makin' show, it's the only thing I really know!

~ Steve