Wednesday, June 1, 2011


From the desk of Savory La Fontaine.

Dear Fans of Quantum Leep,

The past will always come back to haunt you.  No matter how far away you go, or feel, your world can turn upside down at any moment.  Your history, at any time, can decide to jump up and f*#% you with full intention.

Last week for instance, I got a phone call.  A deranged fan from days of old has threatened me with the release of incriminating footage.  He claims that unless I, Savory, agree to his terms, he will release suppressed, lost, and heretofore unseen footage of Quantum Leep, myself, and every member of the band.

When I refused his nefarious bargain, he sent me the following opening salvo - video, of an embarrassing and amateurish profile of The Leep, concocted by a local fly-by-night TV station.   The chess game begun, I choose to release this video of my own accord, as a preemptive strike against the media frenzy certain to ensue.

I remain,

~ Savory La Fontaine